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Re: Symbolics Screen to Mac Files

Several people have suggested saving the Symbolics PostScript screendump, then
importing that file into some Mac package that can import PostScript
files (ceb suggest CricketDraw).  The problem is that, as far as I am
aware, there are no packages that import arbitrary PostScript, only 
*Encapsulated* PostScript (EPSF).  And Symbolics screen dumps are most
definitely NOT in EPSF format.  It appears to me, however, that it would
not be that hard to edit the PostScript code to change it to EPSF
format [Adobe can send you description of EPSF format: send a message
with the Subject "send index" to ps-file-server@adobe.com, then ask
for the EPSF file -- can't remember the document name].

We have FrameMaker on a (gasp!) Sun, and like to move our screendumps
there so that we can include them as diagrams in a paper, resize them,
overlay arrows explaining parts of the screen, etc.  It is not hard
to edit the Symbolics PS code so that FrameMaker can import and
resize/reshape it.  I would be glad to send that info to any Frame users,
if there are any.
				- Marty Hall
				  AI Lab, AAI Corp.

PS I do my real work on the Symbolics, my desktop publishing on the Sun.  :-)