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Store and Forward Mailer

    Date: Fri, 30 Sep 88 09:28 EDT
    From: mkr@philabs.Philips.Com

	    We have a few 3640's and a 3670 talking to each other via
    CHAOSnet only.

	    The 3670 talks to a UNIX 4.2 BSD machine via IP-TCP only.  

	    All mail sent from the outside world goes from the UNIX machine
    to the 3670 (via tcp/ip) and then is forwarded to the appropriate 3640
    (via CHAOS).  The same for outgoing mail.  All mail from one 3640 to another
    goes via CHAOS only.

Do you mean to say that you run a mailer on EACH of your lisp machines?
Why is this desirable?  Why not run it on one (or just put up with the
one on your unix machine and take the load off the lisp machines)?