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Re: 4693D Tektronix color image printer

I circumvented the problem of connecting the 4693D Tektronix color image printer
to a Symbolics by buying their new printer: the 4693RGB.  The 4693D requires a
software driver.  Tektronix doesn't have a driver for the Symbolics but
should be  willing to let you look at their driver code so you can write your own.
I just received the 4693RGB that takes the image straight off the RGB cables
so it will work for any RGB based machine.  I am very impressed with it.
It produces a very good quality hardcopy on paper or viewfoil material.  You can
easily calibrate the machine yourself in 15 minutes.  It grabs an image in ~2 seconds
and prints it in ~30 seconds.  The machine runs around $8500 but you should check 
with your Tektronix salesman for a specific quote.

Don Kaiser
Boeing Advanced Systems