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Ivory board for VME bus

    Date: Sat, 8 Oct 88 00:03:26 EDT
    From: dbs@Think.COM (David B. Serafini)

       Date: Fri, 7 Oct 88 20:42 EDT
       From: DLA@jasper.scrc.symbolics.com (David L. Andre)

	   Date: Fri, 07 Oct 88 13:10:52 N
	   From: unido!sbsvax!ks%fb10vax.sbsvax@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM

	   Yesterday I attended a presentation of MacIvory given by German
	   Customer Service. Someone asked if there would be Ivory boards for
	   other computer systems than the MAC and one of the salespersons
	   answered that Symbolics is developing a VME-Bus version of Ivory
	   which would be available in late December or so.
	   What I want to know now is, has anybody heard of such a thing? If so,
	   can someone give me more information on this topic? (What are the
	   intended target machines? How well will the LISP-System be integrated
	   with the operating system of the target machine? etc. etc.)

       The XL-400 is a high-end Symbolics-label Ivory system based on the
       VME-Bus, and it will be available for beta test in December.  Volume
       shipments are scheduled for March.  Performance is approximately 2x that
       of a 3650.  It is not embedded in any other host, but you can attach
       most standard VME peripherals to it.

       The XL-400 and MacIvory are the only Ivory products announced at this time.

    Is this the Sony workstation?  If not, where does the deal with Sony fit it
    to the Symbolics product stategy??


The XL-400 is a standalone Lisp Machine, just like the 3600 series.  The
major differences between the XL-400 and the 3600 are the use of the
Ivory processor and the replacement of the Lbus with the VME bus.

The only thing Symbolics has so far announced regarding Sony is that
they provide service for it.  They haven't announced any products based
on it yet.