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Using SCT for Macsyma

>From jupiter!ceb%JUPITER@MOENCH.zir.ethz.ch Wed Oct 19 15:01:24 1988 remote from ethz

I am developing a system written mostly in Macsyma, but with some
regular Lisp files, and the number of files I have to load and/or
compile is getting pretty large.  Further, things hae to be loaded in a
particular order.  I know I can cobble up a command to blindly do this,
but this takes a while to execute, and I was wondering if anyone knew
how to make the SCT (defsystem and friends) work in such cases.

Please reply to one of the addresses below, and not the one in the reply
field - I am sending this from a Lispm which cannot receive mail for a
number of (non-technical) reasons.

Charles Buckley                         uucp    : mcvax!ethz!ceb
Integrated Systems Laboratory           bitnet  : BUCKLEY@CZHETH5A
Federal Institute of Technology         CS/Inet : ceb@ifi.ethz.ch
CH-8092 Zurich                          ptt     : +411 256 52 45