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ATTN: Symbolics University users ...

As a member of the SLUG board I have volunteered to organize the
University community of users. This will enable us to more
emphatically express our collective feelings about issues such as
University discount programs, cost of maintenance, maintenance
programs that better suit our needs, and the relative importance of
these and other issues.

To accomplish this, I am sending this message to the SLUG bboard
asking for people to send me the name of a contact person at your
site. I realize that there may be sites which don't have net
connections, and I'm trying to find and contact them through other
means - if you know of any please let me know. It would help cut down
on paperwork, etc., if there is only one person per site.

Please respond directly to me, not the SLUG bboard.


also known as

Richard Billington
School of Info. and Comp. Science
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA 30332