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Kermit in 7.2

Some time ago I requested a kermit for 7.2.  Someone was kind enough to
send me one that worked for release 6 (it looks like some descendant of
a LMI Kermit).  The code is trully awful, so I only fixed that subset of
the functionality I needed and I don't guarantee anything.  As it works
good enough for my purposes I'm not going to get the rest of the bugs
out.  There is basically no documentation. (However, I did fix two
obvious problems:  [1] I sped up things so you can get about 12KB
transfer rate (still pretty bad but ...) on a 19.2KB connection (the
highest Symbolics hardware seems to provide), [2] files can be
transfered image mode so copying binary/dvi files works).  I have no
idea about the copyright issues...let me know if I am violating anything
as the history of this kermit seems murky.  In any case, if you send me
a carry tape and a US address I'll send you what I got.  Maybe someone
else will make the rest of the thing work properly.