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Hack request

    Date: Fri, 28 Oct 88 13:36 EDT
    From: JSP@ibm.com (J. Scott Penberthy)

    Does anyone out there have a hack for removing old versions of systems
    from the LMFS?  Is there a facility in SCT that does this?  If not, are
    there any undocumented functions like "map-over-system-versions" in SCT?

    I know this is a simple hack, but I'd thought I'd ask before reinventing
    the wheel.  Any code tidbits would greatly appreciated!


I've never done anything automatic.  What I've done is turn off all the
dont-reap flags, then used sct:reap-protect-system to turn the flags on
for the versions I'm interested in.  Then I can use :Clean Files to get
rid of excess old versions.

You can then use :Delete Directory to delete the old patch directories.