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Mac MacPaint to Symbolics MacPaint

I wasn't aware that there was a MacPaint-like program for
the Symbolics. Can anybody give me more details about where
I can obtain a copy?

Is there also a MacDraw-like program? I am familiar with
Illustrate and don't like it. There are a number of features
that MacDraw has which Illustrate doesn't which I find both
usefull and important like stipple filling, and the concept
of an object being in front of an thus obscuring part of
another object. The latter is very important for instance
when drawing lines between circles for it gives a simple
way for the line to exactly touch the edge of the circle
(simply have the line go to the center and the circle
obscures the part onderneath it). This is hard in
Illustrate and easy in MacDraw.

Any leads will be appreciated.