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Mac MacPaint to Symbolics MacPaint

    I agree that filling would be nice, as would arrows.

    However, unless I misunderstand you, drawing lines exactly touching the
    edge of circles or other objects is usually relatively easy to achieve
    just by using the middle mouse button when positioning an endpoint to
    "Snap to object".  If you look at the mouse documentation line (a wonder
    missing on the Mac) you'll note that when positioning an endpoint it
    says something like

      Choose endpoint -- L: Drop endpoint   M: Snap to object  R: Snap to grid 

I guess that I left out a crucial point. Snapping an endpoint of a line
to an object can snap it to anywhere on the object. I particularly want
to snap it to the point where if the line were continued it would reach
a particular point inside the object, say the center of a circle. I don't
think that this can be done in Illustrate. It is a key feature that makes
drawings done with MacDraw look good. Also, in general, I find that the
user interface design of MacDraw makes it easier to use than Illustrate.