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machines for sale...

The University of Pennsylvania is currently in the 
process of upgrading some of its Symbolics machines.  
As a part of the upgrade, we are considering selling
some of our L-machines.  

Here's what's available:

8 - 3640 w/ 1Mw (4Mb), and 2 140Mb disk drives
    Each machine has always remained under full
    maintenance contract, has had all scheduled
    Preventive Maintenance done, and all boards
    are up to their current rev. levels.

2 - Cartridge tape drives (for 3640)

1 - XSQ (extended sequencer) board (needed for 
    runningn PROLOG on a 3640.)

Also if the buyer is a university, there would be no cost
for the software license transfer.  

Anyone interested in making an offer on all or a
part of the above equipment can reach me at


	Mort Webster
	200 South 33rd St.
        Philadelphia, PA  19104