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Networking question - connection to network modem

We have five Symbolics networked with a 3670 as the namespace server.
We are DECNETed to a VAX 11/750 via Ethernet. There is a set of modems
tied to the Ethernet that I'd like to access directly from a CTERM
session, and I'm having trouble getting the namespace object set up
properly to address the modems. I know the DNA address of the modems,
and when I set up the modem with CTERM service over DNA via TELNET, I
get a message that although the modem acknowledged the connect request,
it did not respond to a DECTELNET (TELNET) request. Every other protocol
I specified instead of TELNET just crashes (the error escapes me at the
moment, but the modem never acknowledges the connect request). I've 
reached the end of my mental road on this issue. Any ideas you may have
that could fix this problem are appreciated.