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NeXT and Symbolics

Subject: Re: NeXT ...
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Summary: i asked
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In article <8810191438.AA28155@pravda.gatech.edu>, buff%pravda@GATECH.EDU (Richard Billington) writes:
> I don't suppose that Symbolics has any ideas about the
> three NuBus slots inside that black cube. Seeing as the
> NeXT comes with 8 Mb of memory already, Symbolics would
> have to add even less than they do for MacII. Also, the
> NuBus supposedly runs 2.5 times as fast as a MacII.
> Any rumors or thoughts from within Symbolics?

I asked my local sales/technical support people and they said "nothing
in works now."  To tell you the truth, I think they'd be crazy *not*
to consider NeXT.