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Writing TAR tapes

    Date: Mon, 14 Nov 88 18:46:26 EST
    From: massar@Think.COM

       Date: Mon, 14 Nov 88 14:49 PST
       From: York@chuck-jones.ila-west.dialnet.symbolics.com (William M. York)

       There is already a way to read Unix TAR tapes on the lisp machine.  Has
       anyone developed code to write Unix TAR tapes from Genera for delivery
       to Unix systems?

    Really?  Where does one get the code the read Unix TAR tapes?

[Added SLUG; people may not know about this]


Unfortunately, I haven't verified first-hand that it reads a TAR tape
correctly, but I am going to try it tomorrow.  Using the TAR format
"spec" embodied in read-tar-tape, I have written a TAR tape writer.  I
can't finish it until I study a real TAR tape (I don't know how to
format the header fields that are ignored by the Genera TAR reader), but
when I do, I'll pass it on.