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I have a 3670 Symbolics machine. I have a problem with my disk (hard
ones) ... it seems there are some bad sectors. When i try to
type hello (from fep), i get a messgae as:
too many retrys for unit 0. Last error was: header data doesn't
match head.
After that i tried to type in the hello commands to the
fep by myself, and it felt on : scan fep0:>v127-lisp.flod
with the same error message.

Is there any way to save the disk ? i.e: do i have
a badsect program which can 'removes' the bad sectors and
tell the disk driver not to use them ? (similar to badsect
program of unix), or should i reformat again/change my entire
disk and then reload software ...

Any suggestions would be very appreciated ... it's really
important to me to get an answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,