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Termcap Entry

I want to use the symbolics console as a terminal attached to our Ethernet 
and edit some files of other hosts whih is running under 4.2bsd Unix.
I am using the termcap below: 

lm|lispm|dec vt52:\
	:do=^J:le=^H:bs:cd=\EJ:ce=\EK:cl=\EH\EJ:cm=\EY%+ %+ :co#132:li#52:\

But I think something is wrong with the buffer handling stuff or something.
Does anyone know how I could fix this problem?

I hope I can receive your replies Directly.
Any kind of information will be helpful.

	-- Wongyu Cho

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Internet address: wgcho%kcb.kaist.ac.kr@cs.net.relay