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    Date: Tue, 15 Nov 88 17:34:51+0900
    From: wgcho%kcb.kaist.ac.kr@RELAY.CS.NET (WonGyu Cho)

    Is there any way to get a text file of documentations?
    Or at least, can I get a documentation printed by a laser-printer?
    Any kind of comments would be helpful.

You can hardcopy any of the Symbolics on-line documenation by using the
hardcopy commands in the Document Examiner.  To get hardcopy of a
specific topic (e.g. the SETQ function) you can say:

Hardcopy Documentation SETQ My-Printer

If you have looked up a set of documentation topics and you would like
to hardcopy the whole set that is on display in the viewer, use the
Hardcopy Viewer command.

You can also hardcopy documentation from a Lisp Listener:

Show Documentation SETQ :Destination My-Printer

How can sort of get documentation into a file by displaying it in a Lisp
Listener and then using the Copy Output History command to put the
contents of the window into a file.