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Genera Upgrade.

    Date: Wed, 09 Nov 88 15:10:29 GMT
    From: johny%TECHSEL.BITNET@cunyvm.cuny.edu (Johny Srouji)

    I have a 3670 Symbolics machine, and two 3640 Symbolics
    Machines (the first one operates as the server, i.e:only
    one disk). I would like to upgrade from Genera 7.1 to 7.2.
    The reason was that prolog running on 7.1 (prolog 3.0) wasn't
    so friendly and have some bugs ... i asked for a new prolog
    version, and was told that in order to work with prolog 4.0,
    i'll need to have Genera 7.2 instead.
    I was also told that pascal, fortran and tcp/ip should
    upgrade too (the old ones wouldn't work with genera 7.2!!).
    My question is:
	    Are the above things true? any suggestions?
    Do i have to buy three copies? (legally and practically)
    I also need to know whether MACSIMA and KEE3.0 would
    run on 7.2, or i'll need to upgrade them too?

    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Yes, you need to upgrade Pascal, Fortran, and IP-TCP to run in 7.2.  As
for copies, if you bought site licenses of the layered products, then
you only need one copy.  Otherwise, you need one copy per machine.  If
you still have questions, please call your salesperson.  If you don't
know who that person is, send mail to me with your site name, and I'll
find the correct salesperson for you to talk to.

I forwarded your question about Macsyma to that group.  I don't know about KEE.