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Re: Calling Customer Service for bad sectors

    Date: Tue, 22 Nov 88 12:27 EST
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)
    Given the sources that Symbolics makes available, it would probably not
    be too hard for a competent Symbolics system programmer to develop these
    kinds of tools (as I mentioned, I've done some direct disk manipulation
    manually in the debugger -- LMFS:DESCRIBE-DEFSTORAGE is your friend).
I know the feeling.
    Symbolics probably has some internal documentation on the layout of the
    FEPFS and LMFS, 
Aside from the code, I doubt it; I've certainly never seen any.
		    which would make it even easier; I wonder if they would
    be interested in making such things available to third parties
    interested in developing such utilities (no, I'm not volunteering!).
With the departure of all official LMFS-meister from the company, I've taken it
upon myself to do what I can to support this stuff;  I try to answer as many pieces
of mail as my other duties (as a consultant working on specific projects for specific
customers) allows.

In response to a customer problem, I wrote a FEPFS recovery tool that could perhaps
retrieve FEPFS files that were deleted and expunged. I've also written an ECO proposal
patch that fixes several commonly-reported LMFS problems, but it has languished at SCRC.
(I'm too remote to install anything in the system myself.)

If you have any tools that you desperately need or even just want a great deal, I'd
be happy to help with information and, time permitting, even implementation.