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    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 88 09:20 PST
    From: rsl@max-fleischer.ila-sf.dialnet.symbolics.com (Richard Lamson)

    The problem, of course, is that NFS as currently implemented is too
    Unix-specific (or rather, they didn't bother to make it generic enough,
    since, after all, who would want to use anything other than Unix?  What
    would you do with version numbers other than get into trouble?)  Chris
    Lindblad suggested a complicated scheme for fixing this problem, but I
    would be very surprised if Wollongong ever changes anything unless Sun
    changes the protocol.

Many of CJL's complaints about NFS appear to have been addressed in the
version 3 protocol.  In particular, there is a protocol for specifying
version numbers.  In general, they've made things less Unix-specific,
with sizes specified in bytes rather than disk blocks, and hooks for
Macintosh multi-fork files and for record-oriented file systems.