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Security Windows (oops)

Concerning the scheme for security screen-locking that I sketched-out, Bill
Stafford (stafford@SPAR.SLB.COM) correctly points out that I ignored
various pop-up windows, e.g. notifications and Converse.

Notifications (which handle most internal Lispm cases) could be ignored (or
cached) by setting the notification mode appropriately on the window or by
use of the tv:WITH-NOTIFICATION-MODE macro.

Converse can be switched off by setting zwei:*CONVERSE-GAGGED* to a non-nil
value (presumably with a LET-GLOBALLY or an UNWIND-PROTECT).  If it's set
to a string, it is returned to the caller.

The security system should have access to any other stuff that can pop-up
windows running on the Lispm (e.g. application programs).


P.S. Another major plus to this scheme is that it localizes all the
interesting stuff inside the Covering-Window's flavor.  -- N