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Security Windows (oops)

    Date: Tue, 29 Nov 88 23:14:57 EST
    From: ncramer@LABS-N.BBN.COM (Nichael Cramer)

    P.S. Another major plus to this scheme is that it localizes all the
    interesting stuff inside the Covering-Window's flavor.  -- N

You also have to set FIREWALL:*SYSTEM-MENU-ENABLED* to NIL to prevent
the user from popping up the system menu by clicking right while the
mouse is off the right edge of the screen (i.e. it is not over your
window, but is in the screen's "margin").  In general, you should
explore the Firewall facility if you are interested in restricting
access to various parts of the system.

As I think someone already mentioned, this whole scheme can be subverted
by typing c-h-Function and then warm booting.