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Re: IFU on 3600

    Date: Fri,  2 Dec 88 14:05:08 EDT
    From: MILLER@vax.cam.nbs.gov

    In response to discussion about 3600's with IFU.
	    We've got an older 3600 which we upgraded with the IFU around
    Rel 6.1 time...[....]
	    Happy ending: Nobody seemed to have a clue at Symbolics or
    elsewhere what it might be, but Dave Plummer came up with a suggestion,
    bless his heart. It seems that swapping boards randomly missed the
    point. There existed, at that time, a magical list of `compatible' rev
    levels for various boards.  With CPU board ver. X and Foo board ver. Y,
    then you should use IFU board ver U, and XSQ board V....

Our story was very similar. The only remaining oddity is that, after the
board swaps and the IFU worked for everything else, on :Start GC
Immediately, we nearly always got some crash to the FEP indicating the
board slot where the IFU was installed. Since we never do them anymore
the problem is moot, though it might be useful as part of the shared
experience on IFUs.