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Re: Re: IFU on 3600

    Date: Wed, 7-Dec-88 20:48:08-EST
    From: K. Mark Alexander <kma@SAMSON.CADR.DIALNET.SYMBOLICS.COM>
        Date: Fri,  2 Dec 88 14:05:08 EDT
        From: MILLER@vax.cam.nbs.gov
         	...    It seems that swapping boards randomly missed the
        point. There existed, at that time, a magical list of `compatible' rev
        levels for various boards.  With CPU board ver. X and Foo board ver. Y,
        then you should use IFU board ver U, and XSQ board V. In hindsight it
        seemed obvious, but in foresight it apparently wasn't. In any case, the
        machine has been working like a charm ever since. Except the console is
        flaky again, but thats another story....

    GREAT! Where do I find this magic list of `compatible' rev levels?

Hey, I dont really know! In principle, this stuff was embedded in the notes that 
the technicians carry around. Maybe it wasn't even saying which versions were 
compatible with which versions, but rather specifying which were the very latest
versions of each board.  ('Cause I know when you get a board swapped, you dont 
necessarily the latest board.) If that were the case, then what made the machine
work was that the tech got all the latest boards and replaced the set.
   Whatever it was it worked. It was over a year ago, I'm sorry I dont remember
the exact details.  All I can suggest is for you to delicately suggest to your
technician to compare all the rev levels of all your boards to the latest revs
in his/her spec sheets, and to replace them if they're not.  Hope that helps...