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Warning about bug in INTERNing into the keyword package

I ran into a bug that I feel others should be warned of.  Symbolics now
knows about the problem and can supply a patch if you need it.  It will
be fixed in the next release.  The symptom is that you will wind up with
an error of the form
	Write to write-protected virtual address
That error message may very well be obscured by another error
(%Allocate- while *INHIBIT-CONSING-FLAG* is set) that probably will
occur while it is trying to tell you of that error.  The error will occur
(the first time) inside the garbage collector.  If you get it there, your
only hope to continue is to turn off the garbage collector.

The problem occurs if you try to do something like
	(zl:intern (cl:gensym "FOO") 'keyword)
It does NOT occur if the argument to ZL:INTERN is a string or, say, a
symbol that you typed in.  It is only the keyword package that causes
this problem.