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MacTalk and Symbolics

    Date: Tue, 20 Dec 88 23:42 EST
    From: pan%Athena.Pangaro.Dialnet.Symbolics.Com@uunet (Paul Pangaro)

    Does anyone have experience linking Macintosh and Symbolics to talk over
    TCP/IP for yanking files from Mac to Symbolics and vice versa.

I happen to have a Macintosh and a Symbolics in my office and am able to
exchange files via FTP. The connection is via a) NCSA Telnet[*] on the
Mac-Side b) a Kinetics Fastpath box to allow the Mac access to the
Ethernet (an Apple Ethertalk instead of the KFP will work fine too).

[*] Yes, its name is telnet, but it provides some (not all)
functionality of FTP too.

My Mac has IP number (see under the Network menu of NCSA
Telnet for your Mac) To transfer files, start up NCSA Telnet on the Mac
and make sure, that FTP is enabled. On the Lispm side you now may use CP
commands like ":Copy File INTERNET| S:>jc>bar.text" if
there happens to be a file foo on the Mac in the folder which is current
(see Edit Menu, Set Transfer Directory) and it will be copied to your
lispm. You cannot use FSEdit, because a) NCSA Telnet doesn't understand
most FTP commands issued by it and b) it tries to parse the pathname
which isn't what you'll like it to.

That way you'll get the data fork of the Mac file only because that is
what corresponds most closely to what there is in other file systems. 

Regards, JC

  Juergen Christoffel, jc@gmdzi.UUCP, (++49 2241) 14-2421
  German National Research Laboratory for Computer Science (GMD)
  Schloss Birlinghoven, Postfach 1240, D-5205 St. Augustin 1, FRG