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Displaying Poscript files on Symbolics

    Date: Wed, 4 Jan 89 13:22 PST
    From: rsk@samson.cadr.dialnet.symbolics.com (Robert S. Kirk)

    I have several applications where it would be very helpful if I could
    display a Postscript file on a Symbolics window.  This means that I need
    a Poscript interpretter or equivalent.  Such a capability could go to
    Symbolics windows directly or through X-Windows (CLX).

    Does anyone know of such a product, package or hacks which would let me
    do this?  I really don't feel like writting an interpretter myself.

Concordia includes a Postscript interpreter, I have heard.  There are a
couple of X-based PS interpreters that run on Unix, which you could use
with the Symbolics X Server.  The only one I know any details about is
one written by a friend of mine at MIT; send mail to
David Jedlinsky <opus@athena.mit.edu>.