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Subnetting and Symbolics

The (physical) network configuration at SRI will soon change.  As part
of this, we are considering changing the physical network on which most
of our Symbolics's exist from our current Class C address (ie,
192.12.5.xx) to a subnet of a Class B address (ie, 128.18.nn.xx).

I know there are other sites out there that are using subnetting.  Have
there been any problems with it for you?  (We may also be heavily using
(non-Symbolics) hosts on another subnet, possibly with NFS.)

P.S.  I'll send out a reminder later, but this reconfiguration is scheduled
to occur on Feb. 11.  On that date and for some period of time there after,
mail to the SLUG mailing list (etc) and all SRI hosts may encounter problems.
Please be patient with us.  We are trying to plan for everything but
some problems may occur.