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Buying Laserwriters

My machine has a LaserWriter II NTX attached which is used with the
standard software we use for our LGP2s. It's running just fine. 

One difference is that the NTX stacks its output face down by default
(unless you open the face down tray) whereas the LaserWriter (Plus)
always stacks it face up. As far as I remember, LGP-S/W reverts the
order of pages in core which wouldn't be needed for the NTX.

Open Questions:

Can this in-core-turning be turned off easily? Per printer? (Hadn't time
to look at the sources yet)

My NTX has 5MB installed in order to increase the font cache for e.g.
TeX jobs, because we have printouts which use a bunch of fonts in one
job. Does one need to tell the lispm when the NTX gets more memory?