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Sun/Symbolics Ethernet I/F

    Date: Thu, 12 Jan 89 15:50:18 EST
    From: spike@starbase.mitre.org (Ben Bloom)

    I have a requirement to pass ascii strings over Ethernet between a
    Unix process and a Symbolics process. Could someone do me the
    tremendous favor of mailing code &/or instructions to open this 2-way
    I/O stream? Free duckpin lessons to the first kind soul.

    Ben Bloom

I have a TCP implimentation for passing strings between two Symbolics
that really works.  I use it here on a service call tracker that updates
programs between several Lispms.  As we don't have any Suns here, I
can't help you with that side.  Hopefully, given this example, someone
could hack some equivalent code together for the Sun side.

This is really a one-way setup that can be invoked separately in each
direction for two-way communication between several machines.

To use this code, the namespace entries for each machine should have a
service triple added.  For this example, the triple would be:


[Duckpins??? Can I use my normal bowling balls on those lanes??? (;-) ]

1;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

;;; Add port for service
0(tcp:add-tcp-port-for-protocol :send-string 122)

1;;; user protocol  ** SENDER  **

0(defvar *last-string-out* nil)

(neti:define-protocol :send-string (:send-string :byte-stream)
  (:invoke (path)
      (stream (neti:get-connection-for-service path :characters t))
      (send stream ':string-out *last-string-out*))))

1;;; server ** RECEIVER  **

0(defvar *last-string-in* (make-string 10000.))

(neti:define-server :send-string
    (:medium :byte-stream :stream (stream :accept-p t :characters t))
   2(send stream ':string-in nil 0*last-string-in*))

1;;; how to invoke

0(defun send-string (host string)
  (setq *last-string-out* string)
  (neti:invoke-service-on-host :send-string host))

1;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------