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Fifth Annual SLUG Meeting --- SLUG-89 Cambridge Mass


Plans are afoot for our Fifth Annual International Meeting of the
Symbolics LISP Users' Group, to be held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at
MIT. We expect to have a considerable expansion of last year's very
successful conference in Phildelphia, with larger attendance, even
higher visibility of Symbolics (them being so close by), and unusual
events and speakers. Please set aside the dates as follows:

	   Monday, 12th June, through Friday, 16th June, 1989
      Monday/Tuesday     Tutorials by Symbolics Education Services
      Tuesday Evening                      Opening reception
      Wednesday/Thursday/Friday            Conference Activities
      Friday 3:30 pm                       Conference End

* Glenn Adams of the MIT AI LAB is Organization Chair, and we are
seeking help in the Cambridge area to assist Glenn. Please contact:

 Glenn Adams
 MIT AI Lab    Room 832
 545 Technology Square
 Cambridge, MA   02139
 617-253-9667 (FAX number to follow)

* We also need support, ideas, volunteers for speakers, suggestions for
topics, etc., to help the Program Committee (currently me by default).
Please help by contacting me at:

 Paul Pangaro, President 
 National Symbolics LISP Users' Group
 c/o PANGARO Incorporated
 800 3rd Street  NE
 Washington, DC 20002
 Voice: 202-547-7775
 FAX  : 202-547-6910

* We need specific ideas for which Tutorials to be given by Symbolics
Education Services, and as soon as possible. MacIvory, Joshua, Concordia
are some ideas. We especially need to know if there will be any demand
for introductory courses in LISP, Symbolics Programming Styles, Site
Maintenance, etc. Please respond to me at one of the addresses above.

* A brochure is being prepared that will be mailed to all members of the
National Users' Group, and to those presently on Symbolics' mailing
list. (If you are uncertain if you are on the latter, please contact
your local sales rep.) Our timetables are just now being prepared, but
we expect that the latest this would be available would be March. Anyone
needing exceptional lead-time should "watch this space" for an
announcement shortly, for a contact about registration issues.

* If you wish to speak to all those working on/interested in the
organization of the conference, such as the SLUG Board and the SLUG-89
committee people, you can send mail to slug-89@ai.sri.com.

* We are very pleased that corporate Symbolics is giving us excellent
support for the conference, especially in the form of interaction with
Reza Seddigh of Symbolics, Chatsworth. Reza will continue in his
capacity as Symbolics' primary liaison to users, as our first
point-of-contact for conference matters. He is, as always, available at
slug-liaison@ai.sri.com for any user issues, though we ask that you
direct messages about the conference to Glenn, myself, or the management
group at slug-89@ai.sri.com.

We look forward to your participation.