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Bootleg drives?

The type of drives that are in a 3620 are either Maxtor xt2190 (190 MB) or xt1140 (140 MB).

Physical mounting of these devices: The second drive is mounted directly behind the first drive
with the data cable running between the mounting plate and second drive.

You format the disk from the FEP using a command named disk format loaded by scanning G206-disk.flod.

The one catch is that in order to use the disk, there must be a Symbolics disk label on it.  That requires
a special tape that Symbolics will provide for you (for a fee, NOT cheap).  Basically it is a tape
to which the bad blocks of the disk are in a file and other files get allocated for.  That is the one
major flaw in getting a disk from another source.

If you are under maintenance contract with Symbolics, they will support the drive under contract once it is
totally up and functioning.