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Quick! I need MacIvory information!

In a few days, we're going to make a major decision on delivery hard-
ware for the project I'm on. We conducted an extensive hardware trade-
off study about 7 months ago and came up with Sun hardware as the best
fit for our application (which involves LISP, object-oriented program-
ming, etc.). Before we commit to Suns, I'd like to revisit the MacIvory
as a possible candidate for our delivery platform. The MacIvory holds
one clear advantage over the Sun or anything else - we're developing on
Symbolics, so no port would be required. At the time we did the trade-
off study, there wasn't a whole lot of information on the street 
about the MacIvory, so we more or less pushed it aside. I'm asking any
users out there of MacIvory to help me gain knowledge on certain
aspects of this computer so I can make an informed decision. The things
we need to know about are:

- Overall performance (constrast to a 36xx if possible)
- Network performance, connectivity issues (speed, robustness of 
  supplied network software/hardware (DNA especially)
- Disk drive I/O rates
- Any quirkiness, bugs, likes, dislikes, etc.

Thanks in advance for your responses; please be explicit, but then again
I shouldn't have to ask for that!