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Our configuration consists of a 3650 connected to a Sun network. The
3650 has a 340? MByte disk which is full. The Sun network also needs
more disk space (It has its own fileserver with 800 MByte of diskspace).
We are now discussing the possibility to buy a new, large disk and place it
on the Sun fileserver. This disk should serve the Symbolics machine as well.
As far as we understand this is possible if we buy the ILA - NFS software.
What are the practical experience with this software? What type of
files can be stored on the Sun. Is it possible to store the entire (or
a single partition) of the LMFS on the Sun disk? Will it work with
both .bin and .lisp files? Will such things as the Document Examiner,
Edit Function etc. work? What is the price in performance?

I am very gratful for all experiences that I get.

Karl-Erik Arzen


(Department of Automatic Control
Lund Institute of Technology
Box 118, 221 00 Lund, Sweden)