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Bootleg drives?

   Date: Thu, 19 Jan 89 07:19 EST
   From: dale@JAZZ.alcoa.com (Dale Shanefelt)

   The type of drives that are in a 3620 are either Maxtor xt2190 (190
   MB) or xt1140 (140 MB).

I thought I read something on this list a while ago about the Maxtor
XT4380 (380 Mb) becoming available for the 3620.

   The one catch is that in order to use the disk, there must be a
   Symbolics disk label on it.  That requires a special tape that
   Symbolics will provide for you (for a fee, NOT cheap).

I also thought I read something about Symbolics being willing to
create an IFS tape for the drive for a quite reasonable fee, on the
order of $500.

Neither of these impressions of mine has been backed up by direct
experience.  Anyone know for sure?

-- Scott