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Moving mail from Symbolics to VAX using DNA or TCP/SMTP

Snail Mail Address: American Microsystems Inc. (A wholly owned
		    subsidiary of Gould Inc.) CAD Research Lab. P.O.
		    Box 967 Twain Harte, CA  95383
Phone Number:       (209)586-7422

I have been having lots of difficulty in trying to send mail from a
LispM to a VAX.  First I tried DNA mail, but the VAX keeps asking for a
log-in and password.  This is problematic, beacuse the LispM mail server
is not always monitored very closely.  Mail from VAX to LispM using DNA
works fine.  It seems like the VAX doesn't consider the LispM a trusted
host.  Does anyone know how to cure this problem?

Next, I tried using TCP-SMTP protocols.  The VAX is running a TCP/IP
package from "Process Software".  When the mail gets sent to the VAX, I
get error 501, something about the LispM being an unknown host.  When I
try to do a FTP to the VAX it asks for login and password and then goes
into the debugger.  Looking up the stack it seems that there is some
password related problem, but nothing which makes any sense.  Is anyone
familiar with this problem?