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How to use TI's OmniLAser 2108 to print Symbolics files?

Our Symbolics 3640 is networked via Ethernet and Chaos with a TI
Explorer that has an OmniLaser 2108 printer.
We have tried (not very hard) to use TI's OmniLaser to print files
or screen dumps from the Symbolics, without success.
Neither connecting the OmniLaser to one of Symbolics serial ports, nor
making a Postscript file (as somebody suggested on the net some time
ago) with 

	    '(:FILE filename :LGP2))

     and      FUNCTION Q    worked.

It appears that the 3640 uses a different (lower) Postscript version than
the Explorer (Version 45.0).
Has anybody delt with this problem before or has any suggestions?
Any help would be appreciated.

Paul Payer
Allied Signal Aerospace Technology Center
Columbia, MD 

Email: payer@atc.bendix.com