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Re: macivory

Just to clarify--I've discussed these things with software
support on five or six occasions.  Each time I was told the
person I spoke with was either new to the macivory or wasn't
familiar with the color system.  Combine this with some
pretty scanty documentation, and, well, it's been frustrating.

Concerning the monitor, we have two PCPCII 19 inch monitors.
When I try to boot the macivory with them, the screen gets a
pink cast to it and then redraws itself every couple of seconds.
These monitor work well with every other macII application we
have, including different programming environments.

I would like to repeat myself, though.  I am impressed with
the overall quality of the development environment, especially
comparing it with the competition.  Any other problems I have
seem to be hardware related, eg, a slow drive that results
in slow paging (this seems to be the root cause of the window switching
problem), possibly a slowing down due to the problem of sending
40 bit words over a 32 bit bus, etc.  But these problems are
well documented, I think.

Barry Smith