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Welcome to SLUG mailing list

[The question re the archives of SLUG mail should have gone to
SLUG-REQUEST.  I haven't sent this out to everyone in a long time
(ever?) so here is the message I send out welcoming new subscribers.
Please try to send administrative mail to SLUG-REQUEST (which I get in
my regular mail) and mail to be distributed around the world to SLUG.
(Never use SLUG-ADMIN as I rarely look at that.  It is used for
bounced mail messages.)  Please do let SLUG-REQUEST know if you expect
to have mail problems or if you need to be removed from the mailing

The answer about archives is below.  

Please note that SRI is going to undergo some network reconfiguration
on February 11 so from then for the next week or two, we may have
problems.  Also be aware that the configuration of the ARPANET may
change in the near future.  SRI expects to be on BARRNET (part of
NSFNET) before then as well as DRI (someday) and whatever remains
of the ARPANET.  (SRI-NIC.ARPA will *not* move when the rest of
SRI does.)  If you have trouble sending mail to AI.SRI.COM, try
sending it to SRI.COM (eg, SLUG@SRI.COM) as it will be forwarded

Mabry Tyson
(415) 965-7580]

Welcome to the Symbolics Lisp Users Group mailing list.

This is an ad hoc mail group to exchange information about the care and
feeding, use and abuse, problems and pitfalls, wonders and crocks of the
Symbolics Lisp machines.

There is also a national users group SLUG, Inc. that is loosely related to,
but distinct from, this mailing list.  Joining one or the other does not
necessarily mean you are in both groups.  Being a member of SLUG, Inc.
does not automatically enroll you in the mailing list.   Joining this
mailing list does not make you a member of SLUG, Inc.  For information
about joining SLUG, Inc., please see the file SLUG-INC.INFO (below) or
ask SLUG-Request to send you a copy.

Mail to the group should be addressed to:

If you have problems, you can also send the mail to

This is a distribution list, and the mail will be forwarded to everyone on the
list.  Requests and questions regarding the list or SLUG, Inc. should be
addressed to:


The distribution list and mail archives will live here at SRI.
Some relevant files for those who care are:

SRI.COM:STRIPE:<SLUG>	SLUG.TXT		;the current mail
			SLUG.*			; older mail (* = 871231, etc)
	      		SLUG-INC.INFO		;Info about SLUG, Inc.

There are miscellaneous LISPM and SLUG related files in the <SLUG>
directory.  You are welcome to FTP any of these files you want.
SRI.COM supports TCP FTP with anonymous login.

If anyone else has on-line notes, tips, or tidbits, we will be glad to
add them to the <SLUG> store.

For your convenience, the following mail addresses are available for
communicating with the officers of SLUG, Inc.:

SLUG-TREASURY, SLUG-LIAISON (which goes to Symbolics's liaison for SLUG).

Your friendly list maintainer,

Mabry Tyson