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	I have two questions::
1) We have put our Symbolics to the Ethernet, and are able to reach some 
of the 
machines which are physically near to our machine. But some of them are 
too far to reach from here. Those Unix machines could be reached by other 
Unix machines by modifying the routing tables. 

	For example, A is a Unix host which is unreachable from another Unix 
	host B. But another Unix host C is reachable to both A and B. 
	Then we simply modify the routing tables of A and B to route through C, 
	and it works.

Does anybody know how to change the routing table of our Symbolics? 

2) Is it possible to connect Symbolics to an Imagen Printer?
	If yes, HOW?

As I'm in Korea, and I'm receiving slug once in a while, I would 
be glad to receive your replies directly.


	Wongyu Cho.