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Re: routing

Yes, it is possible to connect an Imagen to the Symbolics.  We use our
Imagens for screen output, file hardcopy, TeX output, and most output of
the Document examiner.  Since Imagens support being directly on the
ethernet, they can be the best output device that I'm aware of.  (I can
have a screen dump in my hands 45 seconds after Function-Q.)

At SRI we have our own software but Chris Linblad of MIT also has software
to output to the Imagen.  I believe his software is available from the SLUG
library.  I've used it and it appears to work well.  Contact 
SLUG-LIBRARY@AI.SRI.COM for more information.

We are just about to get the Postscript upgrade on our Imagen 3320 and so we
may be able to do some things that we hadn't been able to (like the graphics
in the Document examiner).