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S-Products and Color System Support

    As of February 1st, customers with maintenance agreements will
receive software support for the S-Products and Color System layered
products through Symbolics Graphics Division, in Westwood, California.
Please note that hardware and Genera related questions should be
directed as1 0before1 0to 1-800-824-4263. This means that any software
related questions graphics users may have, should1 0be directed to our
Graphics Software Support Engineers by dialing:

	Domestic:		1-800-FON-4SGD (1-800-366-4743)
				8am to 6pm PST

	International:		(213) 478-0681
				8am to 6pm PST

    The address at the new location is:

	Graphics Software Support
	Symbolics Graphics Division
	1401 Westwood Blvd.
	Los Angeles, CA 90024
	Phone - (213) 478-0681
	Fax - (213) 477-1346

     Please send all electronic mail queries pertaining to color and
S-Product support to SGD-Support@stony-brook.scrc.symbolics.com.  Please
address all faxes to Graphics Software Support.