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Namespace Caching

   Date: Thu, 2 Feb 89 18:18 EST
   From: Crawley@alderaan.scrc.symbolics.com (Eric S. Crawley)

       Date: Thu, 2 Feb 89 14:15:01 PST
       From: saus@venera.isi.edu (Mark Sausville)


       How many times has it happened?  You need a host in your namespace.
       The guy with the nameserver puts it in the namespace.  Your machine,
       since it already asked the nameserver without success, decides that it
       need never ask again.  "Foo is not a known host".  Anybody know what
       to do to insist that your machine ask the nameserver once more? (yes,
       I know that cold-booting will do it: I was hoping for something a bit
       less violent.)

   :Reset Network is simple and usually does the trick.

This is like answering "how do I get rid of a headache?" with
"decapitation is simple and usually does the trick."

Reset Network is a very drastic measure, and should not be used
haphazardly.  In particular, it resets all existing network
connections, frequently in ways that cause very strange errors.
If you have any open connections you're likely to get errors in
unwind-protect cleanups (the kind that complain that you're not
allowed to abort out of them).