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telnet problems with Genera 7.2 .

I upgraded my 3670 Symbolics machine from 7.1 to 7.2 Genera,
includin tcp-ip, lgp2, pascal, prolog, ...
I have a problem with ip-tcp.
The problem is that i can't telnet from symbolics 
(using <select> t) into a unix machine (sun4 or vax). The
error i get is something like:
	connection to cs 1031->57 was refused.
	No reason was specified.

cs is the host name. (the 57 number is always displayed
with the error message, however the left one varies)... i
think that the numbers are socket-numbers, and there
is incompatibility between symbolics-unix somehow.
I would like to mention that other tcp-ip services (as
show users, copying files from/to hosts, etc ...) works
fine, and the telnet services are included in the hosts

Any suggestions would be appreciated very much,
Thanks in advance for your help,