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telnet problems with Genera 7.2 .

   From: johny%cs.technion.ac.il@relay.cs.net (Johny Srouji)
   Date: Sun, 05 Feb 89 12:26:43 GMT

   I upgraded my 3670 Symbolics machine from 7.1 to 7.2 Genera,
   includin tcp-ip, lgp2, pascal, prolog, ...
   I have a problem with ip-tcp.
   The problem is that i can't telnet from symbolics 
   (using <select> t) into a unix machine (sun4 or vax). The
   error i get is something like:

	   connection to cs 1031->57 was refused.
	   No reason was specified.

   cs is the host name. (the 57 number is always displayed
   with the error message, however the left one varies)... i
   think that the numbers are socket-numbers, and there
   is incompatibility between symbolics-unix somehow.
   I would like to mention that other tcp-ip services (as
   show users, copying files from/to hosts, etc ...) works
   fine, and the telnet services are included in the hosts

Port 57 is for 3600-LOGIN, the SUPDUP-like protocol used only between
Lispms; TELNET is port 23 (doesn't the error message usually
translates the port number to a protocol name?).  Are you sure that
CS's namespace entry contains


?  Another possibility is that you got some other error trying to
connect to CS using TELNET, and then selected the proceed option that
lets you select another protocol, and mistakenly selected 3600-LOGIN.