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Flavors vs. CLOS

I ported an application from Flavors to PCL by writing a set of macros
that implement defflavor, defmethod, and a few other flavor functions on
top of PCL.  This worked out well and required few changes to the
original code.  Only a very minimal set of Flavors features is
supported.  The code is available (it's very short) via anonymous FTP:


- defflavor
 options :writable-instance-variables, :readable-instance-variables,
- defmethod
 default method combination, :before and :after methods
- make-instance (but see deficiencies)
- symbol-value-in-instance
- boundp-in-instance

- make-instance methods get the init-list in a different format (this will
be fixed when PCL meets the CLOS spec)
- no support for other method combination techniques

Mike Travers
MIT Media Laboratory