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National Symbolics LISP Users' Group

    Date: Fri, 10 Feb 89 14:03:00 EST
    From: rpg@cs.brown.edu

    How does one become a member of SLUG?  Please send the answer to all,
    because there must be a bunch of people like me who have access to the
    list who haven't joined the users' group.

National SLUG is joined by sending a request for forms, either to
slug-membership@ai.sri.com with full US postal address, or to 

Suite 306-108
1430 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02138

Membership for individuals is currently $10 per year, or free to those
who attend the annual meeting (this year the meeting is June 12-15 in
Cambridge, as per previous and future announcements). Privileges as an
individual include DIALnet support for e-mail, mailings, and will in
future include distribution of patches for Symbolics system code.

Membership for institutions if $150 per year and is joined as above.
Privileges as an institution include the rights to obtain the SLUG the
Library containing Symbolics proprietary code (because of which the
institution must have signed a Program License Agreement with

Please let me know if there are any questions about SLUG or joining it.
You will have just seen an update on its activities, including more
details on the June meeting, via this mailing list.

Paul Pangaro, President 
National Symbolics LISP Users' Group
c/o PANGARO Incorporated
800 3rd Street  NE
Washington, DC 20002   USA
Voice: 202-547-7775
FAX  : 202-547-6910