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Subnetting in SYMBOLICS.

Does symbolics supports the subnetting mechanism ? (something
like routing tables of unix, netmaks, etc...).
The problem is that my symbolics internet number is:
It can work through telnet (and other tcp services) with 
computers that have an internet number : 132.68.32.XX
(my netmask is:, class B). There is
another computer on the net with an internet number of
128.139.33.XX ... and obviously i can't telnet to it.
What i need to ask, is whether i can define a specific
unix machine (for example) to be my GATEWAY, and every 
internet address thet doesn't begin with 132.68.33 will 
be sent (and routed) through that gateway. That way, i
can telnet to outer hosts (in U.S.A for example).
I tried to define one machine (a unix one) as a
gateway through the (tcp:initialize-internet-namespace)
command, but it didn't help. Am i missing something?
Is it possible what I'm saying? (i think it should
be possible).

Thanks in advance for your help,
every suggestion would be appreciated.