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Subnetting in SYMBOLICS.

    Date: Mon, 13 Feb 89 12:20:10 GMT
    From: johny%sel.technion.ac.il@RELAY.CS.NET (Johny Srouji)

    Does symbolics supports the subnetting mechanism ? (something
    like routing tables of unix, netmaks, etc...).

Yes, Symbolics IP-TCP supports subnetting.  The namespace is used
instead of routing tables.

    The problem is that my symbolics internet number is:
    It can work through telnet (and other tcp services) with 
    computers that have an internet number : 132.68.32.XX
    (my netmask is:, class B). There is
    another computer on the net with an internet number of
    128.139.33.XX ... and obviously i can't telnet to it.
    What i need to ask, is whether i can define a specific
    unix machine (for example) to be my GATEWAY, and every 
    internet address thet doesn't begin with 132.68.33 will 
    be sent (and routed) through that gateway. That way, i
    can telnet to outer hosts (in U.S.A for example).
    I tried to define one machine (a unix one) as a
    gateway through the (tcp:initialize-internet-namespace)
    command, but it didn't help. Am i missing something?
    Is it possible what I'm saying? (i think it should
    be possible).

You need to make sure that the host object for the gateway was created
with the right addresses and has the service triple GATEWAY IP
INTERNET-GATEWAY.  You also need to add the user property:
to your Internet network namespace object.  I believe all of this is
documented in either the IP-TCP documentation or the release notes for