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Changing times

I feel sad as I write this message on my Symbolics 3600.  I am loosing
my 3600.  I started using release 4.5 of the Symbolics software.  The
3600 has served me well for the past 5 years.  The strings attached to
my 3600 are being pulled upon by the leasing agent and I must give it
up.  Due the the changing nature of my assignment at MCC I am not doing
any Lisp development work.  

As a result of these changes I feel that it is in the best interest of
SLUG that resign as the SLUG Librarian.  I am not resigning because I
feel overworked or unappreciated.  SLUG members who order tapes are
intelligent people who know that the way to correct problems is to be a
part of the solution not an additional burden.  I expect that there will
be changes in the way the SLUG library is handled and prefer that the
next SLUG librarian be directly involved in the changes.

I offer my experience and help to my successor.   I would recommend that
the new SLUG librarian have direct ARPANET access and a tape drive on a
Symbolics.  I have access to a tape duplicating system that has made my
work much easier, but that is not required.  If anyone considering the
job would like to discuss the position in confidence with me I prefer
email Mac@MCC.COM over voice (512) 338-3509.  (People only phone me when
I go out of my office for a cup of coffee. :-)

I will continue to fill orders for a while, but will not be creating any
new SLUG library tapes.  I do not plan to attend SLUG-89.  A new
librarian should be selected before SLUG-89 as over half of the SLUG
library tapes have been distributed at the national SLUG meetings.

  -- Wilson M. Michaels